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Let's challenge the mystery of land, sea and air! Introducing mystery solving on the WEB
Cookie Riddle & Greet / LINE to introduce the mystery solving video!
It's not a game, but watch the anime! Short animation "Cookies and Phantom Flowers"
It's not a game, but listen to the song! New year bowwow
Introducing 3 recommended puzzle-solving games that you can play at home!
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Kuckey Park | Mystery solving mail order!
Excitement like an amusement park! Kuckey Park is a team that creates crazy story experiences that cannot happen in everyday life. Let's make use of our hobbies and special skills to create a unique theme park for everyone! Creating a mystery solving game! Let's play seriously! #Ultra May Disease #Depression Bottle #Churros Mystery #Cookie Camp Mystery #Spo Depression League
A mystery-solving game that you can play at home "Churros" Last updated
Mystery solving game "Sakutto Mystery Solving Churros" You can play at home! A take-out puzzle-solving game. The theme is "Churros". Because it is a cookie park, it is a theme park-like subject, It was created with the aim of creating a mystery-solving game that anyone can solve quickly. "Churros to solve the mystery" is "The appearance of churros that seems to be in a theme park" It is composed of the "atmosphere that seems to develop into a theme park" that spreads in it. It is a work that makes you feel like a cookie park. This time, as the first installment, two types of mystery-solving churros will appear. ◆ Easy to enjoy "Cookie Camp Churros" ◆ "Cookie Wood Churros" with a slight twist (Because both types use English words, you may need to search for words.)
A mystery-solving game "Cookies and Crazy Camp" that you can play at home Last updated
A real mystery solving game that you can play at home! Mystery solving game "Cookies and Crazy Camp" Difficulty: ★★★ ☆☆ Estimated time required: about 2 hours Enjoy a crazy camp with dog cookies! A cookie that was crazy about baking marshmallows. When I noticed, the tent I was in was gone! ?? Solve the mystery and find out the truth about the disappearance of the tent! Once the mystery has been solved, it is a package that you can decorate. The difficulty level is fairly difficult. There are also tips in case you get stuck in a problem! In addition, a mystery-solving game "Extra edition to enjoy with insect glasses", which is different from the main story, is also included! I intended to make the extra difficulty level for children, but it became rather difficult (sweat). Please do your best with the aim of capturing both the "main story" and the "extra story"! Mystery solving game "Cookies and Crazy Camp Extra Edition" Difficulty: ★ ☆☆☆☆ Estimated time required: 30 minutes It is a content that children can enjoy together (is it easier than the main story?). Solve the mystery using one of the items used in the main story, "Mushi Glasses".
The latest work! A mystery-solving game that you can play at home "Cookies and Wild Ultra May Disease-Spo Depression League- [Training]" Last updated
\ A takeaway puzzle-solving game that you can enjoy at home! / Mystery solving game "Cookies and Wild Ultra May Disease-Spo Depression League- [Training]" 【story】 After the Golden Week holidays in May 2020, a spectacular negative adventure begins when you call a cookie. [Game system] A takeaway puzzle-solving game that you can enjoy at home! ① Solve the mystery of the WEB and kit ➡︎ ② Report the answer to the WEB ➡︎ ③ The story goes on! * Please prepare a terminal and writing utensils that can connect to the Internet. [Time limit] None [Estimated time required] 2 hours ~ [Team number] None [Place] Anywhere [Start] At any time Once you get the puzzle-solving kit, Access the dedicated website! After confirming how to play, the story begins and begins. By solving the mystery, the story progresses, Suspicious clues and items will increase ... Quite a world view ... Quite difficult ...! If you notice, 2 hours ... 3 hours ... You become the main character of the story Adventure in a world full of dog cookies and mysteries. Pursuing a story experience that you can immerse yourself in at home A full-scale puzzle-solving game with an RPG feel is complete! Rest assured that there are hints! The story awaits your inspiration and action!