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[Gemma 2020 Autumn] "Best Nine! ] [Introduction of Attowan's Bodge! ]
[Introduction to Bodge] Bodge Play Delivery Festival! ~ 2020 Gemma Autumn ~ [Dutch Dotch, Best Nine, Stealth Market]
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He has been playing board games for 4 years and has about 60 board games. A 25 year old man. It is the first exhibition of the first work and there is no production history. However, with the cooperation of a total of 6 excellent illustrators and more than 60 test players, the first work "Best Nine!" Was completed. The most popular board game is Dominion. There are all extensions. I generally love it except for Ogiri. I'm not good at Ogiri, but I like it!
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This is a batting game where you become the director of a high school baseball club and create an ideal team. Athletes follow an enthusiastic manager, but enthusiasm is limited. If you are too greedy, the scout will fail and you will end up inviting a number of general students to the team! ?? It is a game that you can enjoy with abundant strategies with 50 unique players, 10 managers, and 12 strategies! Of course, you can enjoy it without knowing baseball! !!